Its been a while

The new year has not been off to a great start, at least blogging wise for me.  For some strange reason, iam not even checking my blog, visiting any other blogs or even commenting on them. Contrary to the economic conditions worldwide, am swamped with work.  On my way back home, am so tired that…

What next Ricky?

After blaming sight screens and third world conditions for losing in India, who is Ricky Ponting going to blame for the second successive loss to South Africa in the 3 match test series? In fact, Ricky’s complaints about the conditions in India prompted Matthew Hayden give out gyaan on the difference between a third and…

Ricky Ponting’s conversation with his dad

Got this in mail from a friend. Enjoy. Dad: Ricky, Ricky Ricky: Yes Papa Dad: Eating sugar? Ricky: No Papa Dad: Telling lies? Ricky: No Papa Dad: Open your mouth Ricky: If you are questioning my integrity, then probably you shouldn’t be sitting here. +++

Ricky Ponting – The son of God

“There’s no way I grounded that ball,” Ponting told a press conference. “If you’re actually questioning my integrity in the game, then you shouldn’t be standing there.” – Ricky Ponting Integrity, my butt. If Ricky Ponting’s integrity is unquestionable, then iam Jesus Christ. +++