Aaj apun ka Happy Birthday hai

Its my Birthday today.  I would like to thank all of you in advance for sending some good gifts, cakes, pizza, burgers in addition to all the best wishes which iam sure you will anyway send across 😉 I have the good fortune of sharing my birthday with some very talented and famous people.  Will…

Marc Faber’s prediction comes true

In February, Marc Faber in an interview with CNBC-TV18 predicted that the Indian market (BSE) was on a bubble and that it would fall to 14000 – 12000 (the market was around 18000 then).  What a fall it has been since.  We have already touched 8000, though the markets have slowly inched upto 9500, we…

Now reading – The Kaoboys of R&AW

A fascinating read about the evolution and journey of the ultra secretive Indian spy agency, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) by a former intelligence officer of the organisation, B Raman.  The book tracks the birth  and the baby steps of the spy organisation under its founder father, Rameshwar Nath Kao.  So famous was the former…

Half a million hits – a million thanks

Ya, sometime in the past 2 days this blog passed the half million (500,000) hits mark.  I almost forgot to see when (Thanks to Chittaranjan for pointing it out). Started blogging on this blog on August 2007.  So, it has taken me 14 months to hit this mark 😀 I would someday like to move…

Blog anniversary & Weekend movies

In the whole mess, i forgot something.  On 24th June 2008, i completed 4 years of blogging.  In this period, I moved from Fullhyderabad to Rediffblogs to WordPress.  Never thought i would survive so long.  So ya, iam amazed at my perseverance (if at all this does count).  I have no intentions of stopping even…

300,000 hits

302 days, 426 posts, 300,000 hits for this blog. A million thanks 🙂 I realise that the frequency of the posts have gone down a bit. Its more to do with studying for some exams and work related stuff. And of course, there is something very important in my life coming up soon. So, ya…


It was my parents’ 37th Wedding Anniversary yesterday (17th May 2008). Interesting to see that they managed to hang on to each other for so long. Phew 😉 +++

Weekend Music – Ini Kamoze, Dido

Ini Kamoze – Here comes the hotstepper Dido – White Flag An artiste, whose music i like a lot…. Dido – Thank you Dido – Life for Rent +++

8 things

The Homemaker had tagged me on this. Long time, i haven’t done any tags. So, here it goes… Eight things I am passionate about 1. Movies 2. Sports 3. Books 4. Blogging 5. Food 6. Child and women’s empowerment 7. My family 8. Gym 9. Investing. Yup, i have an extra passion 😉 Eight things…

Now Reading – It happened in India

The book’s turning out to be quite engrossing. I have already finished 30% of the book within 2 days. Kishore Biyani traces his entire life journey to building up brands like Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, Future Group, Central etc. A detailed review of the book once i finish it. Above picture courtesy: Iprash +++

Life’s Updates

I got engaged on Thursday (10th April). Ya, that was the purpose of this trip. Though things had been working out in the background, the final stretch happened in a jiffy. And i had to make a quick trip to Hyderabad. Am flying back to Singapore tonight. More details when i reach Singapore. +++

Am travelling

Some urgent travel plans have come up. Will be out of station for a week. More when i return. Have fun;) Above picture courtesy: Futura Studios +++