Its 3 years already

… since i got married.  How time flies 😀 First & Second Anniversary posts Above picture courtesy: Lovelife +++

Its been a year

Doesnt feel like it, but a year has passed since i got married.  Its been a blessing enjoying the fruits of companionship and love of my beloved wife. Am home, with family and friends, enjoying this special day.  Just cant express how happy Iam 😀 Above pictures source: Flowersdubai & Englishcardsabroad +++

Its time

Iam flying back tonight to Hyderabad.  Oh yeah, am excited.  The 3 months post engagement have sped past and before i can realise, there is just 5 days to the wedding. Will be back in Singapore on 27th July.  Blogging will be practically non-existent during this 2 weeks period.  Thanks once again to each and…

Final Fortnight

Just 15 days to go and the mind has started playing its games. Its actually a strange mix of excitement and nervousness. The final days of my bachelorhood are here. It feels strange that my status will finally change after 32 years. Am sure its going to be an interesting 2nd half of my life. …


It was my parents’ 37th Wedding Anniversary yesterday (17th May 2008). Interesting to see that they managed to hang on to each other for so long. Phew 😉 +++

Life’s Updates

I got engaged on Thursday (10th April). Ya, that was the purpose of this trip. Though things had been working out in the background, the final stretch happened in a jiffy. And i had to make a quick trip to Hyderabad. Am flying back to Singapore tonight. More details when i reach Singapore. +++

Its Official…

Iam being repeatedly counseled every day and night on the virtues and the necessities of getting married. Looks like a very well thought out plan. The pressure is being built up with amazing precision and relentlessness. My parents are asking if i have someone in mind. What do i tell them? That the one who’se…