Michael Jackson – RIP

The King of Pop is no more.  Maybe he will now belt his hits for his maker.  Thanks for the wonderful music, those pelvic gyrating dance moves, those moonwalks, all the drama and fodder you provided the media, for all the memories that i cherish of your songs during my growing up years and my…

Weekend Music

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Barenaked Youtube link Madison Avenue – Don’t call me baby Youtube link Eric Clapton – My father’s eyes Youtube link John Denver – Country roads take me home Youtube link +++

Weekend Music

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams Joan Jett – I love rock n roll +++

Now Listening – Rock On

Pathetic lyrics, but you cant discount the fact the songs are damn catchy. Especially the rendition of “Socha Hai” and “Rock On” by Farhan Akhthar. An aside, the posters of the movie simply rock.  A refreshing change from the ones you regularly see for the Bollywood movies.  It really makes me miss those initial days…

Weekend Music – I hate myself for loving you

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – I hate myself for loving you An awesome song from the 80s.  When MTV invaded our lives in the mid 90s, this song used to be repeated endlessly on that channel.  That was long before MTV sold its soul to the stupid bollywood songs.  Today there are hardly any…

Blog anniversary & Weekend movies

In the whole mess, i forgot something.  On 24th June 2008, i completed 4 years of blogging.  In this period, I moved from Fullhyderabad to Rediffblogs to WordPress.  Never thought i would survive so long.  So ya, iam amazed at my perseverance (if at all this does count).  I have no intentions of stopping even…

Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang (Kill Bill OST)

I absolutely love this song. Watched Kill Bill-2 again over the weekend and this song came into my mind. Still remember, while this song was being played in the credits at the begining of Kill Bill-1, all of us watching the movie in the theatre had a chuckle at the lyrics. Now i listen and…

Weekend music – KK

There’s something about this guy’s singing that gets me hooked. There are hardly any songs that he has sung that i have not liked. Private albums, film songs, you name it, he’s got the range to carry it off pretty well. Aasman Ke Yeh Kahan Mil Gaye Hum +++

Weekend music

Heard this song quite a long time ago, and it is stuck in my mind. In spite of the fact that it starts Emraan ‘Monkey face’ Hashmi. Maybe its something to do with our own Hyderabadi beauty, Dia Mirza. +++

Weekend Music – Ini Kamoze, Dido

Ini Kamoze – Here comes the hotstepper Dido – White Flag An artiste, whose music i like a lot…. Dido – Thank you Dido – Life for Rent +++

Krazzy 4 – Break Free

Now that both the versions of Break Free by Shah Rukh and Hrithik is out. The verdit is a no brainer. Hrithik simply blows away the competition. He is friggin awesome. +++

Now listening

Silk Route – Dooba dooba This was and is one of my most favourite song. Ever. Wonder where this band (Silk Route) is these days… Rabbi Shergill – Bulla ki jaana KK – Pal +++