2020 – A Recap

A decade on, i continue my yearly ritual

1.Till the beginning of October, the year 2020 went pretty well for me inspite of the pandemic and the innumerable hardships faced by everyone around us. And then on October 6th , disaster struck as my brother passed away and it was the most terrible feeling i faced in my entire life. And post that the problems have only escalated. Looks like the stream of bad news is never ending. Hope to hang on to my sanity for my daughter’s sake.

2. Attended countless seminars and webinars during this pandemic period. It was great listening to the experts and learning. Also finished 3 online courses and got certified in
Futures & Options – ICICIDirect

Technical Analysis – ICICIDirect

Technical Analysis – PLIndia

2020 a recap

3. Finished an online course and got certified in “Covid Suraksha” from the Christian Medical College, Vellore and the Azim Premji Foundation.

4. Started daily trading in the Indian Stock Markets for the first time ever and also diversified to the US stock markets. It had been the longest dream of mine to start investing in the US stock markets. And it has turned out to be a great experience. Hopefully, if things go to plan, i expect to extend my investing to the rest of the worldwide markets this year.

5. Reading was on track till October by when i had finished 9 books and then i lost my brother and lost interest in almost everything for a good stretch of time. Took a few months to drag myself off the lethargy and get back on track. Meanwhile, read a lot of texts, supertexts, documents etc across finance, sciences, arts, cryptos, blockchain, alternate investments etc throughout the year.

6. This was the most prolific year when it came to watching movies and TV series. The list crossed 150 for the first time ever. It was mostly due to the lockdown effect.

7. Realised for the first time that the concept of long term aka holding on to a stock forever is a lost concept. Regular booking of profits is very much necessary in these times when the frequency of market corrections/crashes has increased to almost 2-3 every year. Beat the Sensex returns comfortably both in my trading as well as long term stock portfolio after a 2-3 year hiatus.

8. Got into cryptos and it has been a great learning experience. Rode the Bitcoin roller-coaster but got off when i felt the prices got unreasonable. Though the markets disagreed with my conviction and as of writing this Bitcoin has crossed $32000. Hoping for a correction to get in again.

9. Health was more or less good. The constant washing hands, wearing mask and keeping social distance really helped as i stayed away from the constant cold and sinus flareups that i earlier used to suffer from. A great deal of gratitude for all the scientists, doctors, nurses and other frontline workers who worked day and night to not only keep us safe but also brought out medicines & vaccines in real great time.

10. Exercised almost 2-3 times every week and have maintained a healthy weight throughout the year. In fact knocked off a couple of kilos and the extra tyres around the waist. Went for regular walks and hit at least 8000 odd steps daily.

11. Moved the blog from Justhost to WordPress hosting. Many times had the urge to let go off the blog and let it die. Somehow sustained the interest.

12. After a long long deliberation and thinking, came to the conclusion that i will let go off the final exam of the Certified Financial Planning course. Passing that exam would have conferred me with the internationally recognised CFP Certification. Its when i realised that i had no interest in managing other people’s money or advising them on their financial status. The last thing i wanted was to give explanation to someone why a particular kind of investment i suggested to them is not giving them the kind of returns that his neighbour is getting. I was busy with my own work and hardly could make time to help others. So i completely quit the chase for CFP Certification. But am glad i finished the other 4 exams

Investment Planning
Retirement Planning
Tax Planning
Risk Analysis & Insurance Planning

That 4 certifications has given me a good deal of knowledge that a science student like me would never have had doing some self study.

The new year has a lot of challenges for me personally. But am determined to ride it out like the innumerable ones that have earlier dotted my life. Never mind the backstabbing and the realisation that you have fed milk to a snake all these days, I have always believed in the saying “You can only do your duty, the outcome is never in your control”.

And so, i soldier on.

Wishing all of your and your loved ones the best of the new year. May the new year bring in much happiness and success to all of us. May the hatred be won over by forgiveness and love.

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