2019 – A Recap

And i get the year end ritual going as i have been doing for almost past 10 years.

looking back

  1. It was a terrible year in terms of losing loved ones. 2 in the family and 2 very close friends. It wasnt an easy year.
  2. Most of the time was spent watching my daughter grow up. That sort of compensated for the grief.
  3. Studies were again on the backburner for the year. No new certifications.
  4. Read just one 1 full book and tonnes of texts, supertexts, documents on investing, finance, balance sheets and other interests. Have bought two new books and am currently reading them simultaneously.
  5. Watched less than 100 movies and TV series after many years.
  6. For the first time went on a long distance drive. Drove my family twice to Bangalore and back. It was a great experience. And i really enjoyed it.
  7. For the second year running, my portfolio returns trailed the Sensex. But it was more or less compensated by the super-performance of some stocks like HDFC Bank, Asian Paints, CRISIL, Persistent Systems, Pidilite etc. The large caps maintained their onward march. Though am having a good mix of mid and small caps in the portfolio that have been consistently underperforming from January 2018 when the current downward trend started. Hoping for a better 2020.
  8. The list of documents and authors i started reading, following only increased. Am glad my interests have extended into commodities, cryptos, blockchain, alternate investments like precious stones, metals etc
  9. Read a superb book called Atomic Habits by James Clear. It gave me enough pointers on breaking down large decisions into small chunks and trying to achieve them. According to the book, what changes us is not big audacious goals but simple daily habits. If we can make minute changes to our daily habits, we can achieve great results over a period of time. Its something like SIP method of investing in the stock markets.
  10. Health was more or less good. I kept exercising on and off ( at least 2-3 times every week), and i have never felt better.

To make sure that i dont lose track of my targets, i dont wait for the new year to start on my resolutions. I start them off at the beginning of November itself. This ensures that when the new year is upon us, i would already be 2 months into the habit and it sort of sticks.

Finally after thinking for a long time, i have decided to diversify my investments across countries and sectors. Diversifying away from your home country is the only way you can insure yourself against the hair brained ideas of governments, which are hell bent on stealing your hard earned money.

Again, hope to tie up all the loose ends this year that have been lying around untended to for a long time.

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