Equity Investments 1 – BHEL

I had been wanting to write about my investments for long and it has just worked in fits and starts. Now that i have started to blog much more consistently, i plan to write briefly about all the stocks and mutual funds that i have invested in.  Also plan to put my portfolio on display here and keep updating the price changes monthly (or fortnightly if possible).  I dont trade in stocks and most of my investments are for long time, unless of course the stock is on a tear and reaches some astronomical highs in a short period of time and thus running far away from its objectives.  Or if the fundamentals are really screwed up after i have taken a position, then only i intend to sell them off.

Since i post almost 2-3 posts daily, there is a chance of such posts running into the next page in a couple of days.  So, i will try to keep the post sticky till i put up my position in the next stock that i hold. To ensure that you dont need to search through all the pages, i have consolidate all the investments in sub-domains as given below

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Currently i have a portfolio of 14 stocks and i will be writing about each one of them; one after another.  Ya, its a big number and i intend to prune it down, but then lets see how things pan out.  Ideally, i would like to have positions in just around 10 stocks.

I will share 4 things about my position in the the stock.

  • The date at which i bought it.
  • The price at which it was bought.
  • Current price.
  • Loss/profit if any.

Before we go further, please make sure you read the disclaimer.

Disclaimer:  The information shared on this website is only about the positions i have taken on different stocks in the market.  They are in no way my endorsement of the company or an indication for you to invest or sell the same.  Though i have been investing actively in the Indian stock market since 2005, iam not an expert not do i claim to have any indepth idea of the stocks i invest in.  I do my research through some subscriptions, a lot of reading on the net.  Iam not responsible for any of the losses or gains you might incur due to investing based on my writings on this blog.  Please contact a competent Financial Advisor before taking any decision regarding your investments.

The first stock we will look at today is Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)

BHEL is an integrated power plant equipment manufacturer and one of the largest engineering and manufacturing companies in India in terms of turnover. It was established in 1964, ushering in the indigenous Heavy Electrical Equipment industry in India – a dream that has been more than realized with a well-recognized track record of performance. The company has been earning profits continuously since 1971-72 and paying dividends since 1976-77.

The company is engaged in the design, engineering, manufacture, construction, testing, commissioning and servicing of a wide range of products and services for the core sectors of the economy, viz. Power, Transmission, Industry, Transportation (Railway), Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas and Defence. It has 15 manufacturing divisions, two repair units, four regional offices, eight service centres and 15 regional centres and currently operate at more than 150 project sites across India and abroad.

Most of its manufacturing units and other entities have been accredited to Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2008), Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001:2004) and Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems (OHSAS 18001:2007). It has a share of 59% in India’s total installed generating capacity contributing 69% (approx.) to the total power generated from utility sets (excluding non-conventional capacity) as of March 31, 2012.

BHEL has been exporting our power and industry segment products and services for over 40 years. BHEL’s global references are spread across 75 countries. The cumulative overseas installed capacity of BHEL manufactured power plants exceeds 9,000 MW across 21 countries including Malaysia, Oman, Iraq, the UAE, Bhutan, Egypt and NewZealand. Their physical exports range from turnkey projects to after sales services.

-Above information courtesy: BHEL website

Image courtesy: Yahoo India Finance