Criminals in Fray in Himachal Pradesh Polls

For all the regular shouting that Congress and BJP indulge in, the truth is that both the parties are no less when it comes to putting up people with criminal records against them to power.  So, if you are a right wing or a left wing or a middle path supporter, truth is that they are all corrupt.  As Arvind Kejriwal of Indian Against Corruption has pointed out, both BJP and Congress have their hands in the till.  Both are good at looting the public money.  Both are good at putting up criminals as candidates in elections.

So, wipe that silly smirk off your face when you read another scam being exposed against a party that you dont support and rue the fact that the one you are supporting is stabbing you in the back.  By just saying that the other party also has a few murderers in their group doesnt give you an open ticket back murderers in your party too.  Given is the number of criminals being put up as candidates in the Himachal Pradesh elections to be held on the 4th of November 2012. For a complete list of candidates contesting (district wise) along with their assets, criminal cases, education, liabilities etc, go to the My Neta website.

The poll-bound Himachal Pradesh (HP), known as “dev bhoomi” ( land of the Gods) appears to be no exception to party candidates with criminal backgrounds as at least 69  of 459 candidates in fray have declared criminal cases against them.

As per the report released by the Himachal Pradesh Election Watch (HPEW), out of the 69, 30 have declared serious criminal cases like murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, robbery and extortion.

In the 2007 Assembly elections in HP, 18 per cent candidates had declared criminal cases against them as compared to 16 per cent for the 2012 elections.  As per the analysis of the affidavits submitted by the 445 candidates analysed for the HP Assembly elections, all major parties have given tickets to candidates who have declared criminal cases. With 10 out of 16 (63 per cent) candidates with criminal background, the CPI-M leads the list.

It is followed by the INC with 16 out of 68 (24 per cent), the BJP with 7 out of 67 (10 per cent), the BSP with 8 out of 62 (13  per cent), the newly formed HLP with  6 out of 32 (19 per cent), the AITC with 2 out of 26 (8 per cent) candidates who have declared criminal cases against them. Nine of the 98 independent candidates have also declared criminal cases.

Out of 30 candidates who have declared serious criminal cases, while five each belong to the CPI-M and the INC, the BJP has four, the HLP has one and the BSP has five  of these candidates. As per the HPEW report, out of these 69 candidates, charges have been framed against 41 candidates in cases the include kidnapping, theft and dacoity.

News source: The Statesman


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  1. B K Chowla says:

    This issue is no longer relevant.
    They say,appx 30% members in Lok Sabha have criminal charges against them

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