A Trip to Shilparamam Exhibition

It’s an arts and crafts village and having opened in 1998, it was the first time ever that I made a trip to Shilparamam. Though I had been coming on and off to the city of Hyderabad during my decade long stay in Singapore, a trip to the Shilparamam exhibition was never on my mind inspite of having visited other places in Hitec city.

Honestly, there is nothing much to do there unless you want to shop.  Looking at the things that they sell, you realize that its primarily aimed at the female audience.  There is nothing much for the guys to do other than lugging around all the purchase that your partner does and paying for the same.  The place sells a lot of handicrafts, sarees, kurtis and other hand made products. A lot of merchants from Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, North East and other parts of India put up their wares.  As most of the products are sold by the producers themselves, all the money goes back to them.  Since no middlemen are involved, the prices are not really so high as I suspected before.  Best of all, you can haggle on the prices to your hearts content.

A visit to Shilparamam’s exhibition bought back memories of the annual Numaish (Exhibition) at Nampally that takes place in January-February of every year.  I believe the spread of things and products on offer at the annual Numaish are much better than what is offered here at Shilparamam.  Anyway, its not worth the comparison as the Numaish has been around for around 50 odd years now.  Shilparamam is slowly on the way to establish its own identity.

The one good thing about the place is it the green cover. It feels lovely to walk under the trees and taking in the nature.  A few birds here and there, a few fountains (that were unfortunately not working when we went there), a lake with a few ducks swimming around, some swings for a couple of people to swing together, a rock garden,  some rock sculptures and lots of love birds cootchie cooing at different corners.  Not to mention boating in the lake, few adventure sports and lots of rocks to climb if you have the patience. Just don’t blame the officials of the place if you get injured while climbing those rocks.

A few artisans were working on creating some new sculptures with waste products and the place was cordoned off.  But a glance at the work they did and it looked really imaginative and beautiful.

Shilparamam Timings

  • 10:30 am to 8:00 pm

Entry Fees

  • Adults  Rs 30
  • Children Rs15

Shilparamam Events

  •  Other than the shopping, there is a rock garden with some rock sculptures (both man made and ones created naturally).  You can laze around, take your time and enjoy the sculptures.  A great view of the buildings in Hitech City is worth it from the highest vantage points of the rock garden.
  • Rural Museum – There are some authentically made huts constructed with clay and thatches which depict the rural and tribal lifestyle of India.  The museum has some good sculptures and life sized models of the day to day life of artisans living in the rural places of India.
  • There is a very good open ground with lush lawns where people can sit around and have a picnic.  There is also a very good stage that can be used for performances.
  • A few food courts are there which dish out authentic Andhra Pradesh cuisine.  A traditional Andhra meal served on banana leaf is also served here.
  • Apart from all these, there is an Amphitheater where cultural programs like folk dances, cultural programs are organized.  Also a night bazaar is supposed to open by the end of this year.  The night bazaar will have four themes
  • Azma (Stone Age)
  • Vedic Age
  • Sultanate
  • Adhunic (modern)

It will provide 60,000 sq ft of shopping space with 250 shops and 1.6 lakh sq ft of landscaped garden area. It will run from 3 p.m. to 3 a.m., every day.

Shilpakala Vedika

It’s a massive venue which can be used by corporates or cultural organizations to conduct their meetings or cultural programs.  Movie shoots, weddings, reception and corporate meetings can be organized at this auditorium.

Shilparamam Contacts

Phone         91 (40) 64518164
Fax             91 (40) 23114759 / 23100455
Email          info@shilparamam.org (or) shilparamamhyd@yahoo.com
Webiste      http://www.shilparamam.org

Address     Hitech city Main Road, Hitech City, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500081




  1. Interesting to see many theme-based cultural shopping exhibitions these days. I just hope that these are not so far from the city, because with the kind of city traffic accessibility will be a problem. I need to go to Hyd sometime. I’ll include this one too in my must-visit places.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Liju Philip says:

    Its just besides the hitec city building, one of the most prominent places in hyd today. Lots of buses available from all the major railway and bus stations. Not to mention taxis, autos etc.

  3. saritha says:

    It used to very good during Telugu desham,it was wonderful to see the craftsmen making the crafts and selling their it self.It is just half of what it was before.I felt very bad when i visited last.But it is worth going for the people who didn’t see shiparam maybe 10 years ago.I brought few things from there which are worth the price i paid.

  4. B K Chowla says:

    I wish I get to visit such places

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