The Tamasha Begins Again – IPL 5

India lost 8 tests on a trot?  India are lousy travellers? India are tigers at home? Indian batsmen cant negotiate the seaming and bouncy pitches of England and Australia?

Really? Does it really matter?  All the complain masters realise that the real money in cricket lies in India (read BCCI).  So, love them or hate them, when the time comes, just make a beeline to India to play the IPL and rake in the moolah.

Get ready for the Micromax sixes, DLF fours, Nirodh condom wickets.  If you can’t tolerate the commentary, do search for the mute button on your remote…it helps.  Time for the cheerleaders to come out dancing and for the moral brigade to measure the length of their skirts and the depth of the cleavage.

Forget everything for the next 2 odd months, its an explosive mix of 2 of the biggest religions in India (Cricket & Bollywood).

Again i dont really need to specify where my loyalties lie.  Once a Hyderabadi, always a Hyderabadi.   Honestly, though i find the current team quite hopeless.  A position in the top 4 will be a miracle as unique as Pakistan renouncing terrorism as their official government policy.  Still, i will hope for miracles.

Go Chargers Go.

The complete IPL Season 5 schedule is here


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  1. B K Chowla says:

    Its all about money.The stakes are just too big

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