Nivea is 100, so is IBM

1911 marked the beginning of 2 brands that no one would have believed to still be around 100 years later.  Two world wars, countless recessions and booms later, they still exist. And not exist at the fringes of the industry or in nostalgia of someone’s minds.  But active leaders in their respective markets.

My dad introduced me to the blue box of Nivea when i was in school.  3 decades later, i still use it.  Not only do i use their moisturizer, but body cream, chap stick and not to mention Nivea face wash. I love their soap too and wish that they come out with a shower soap soon so that i can use that.  Iam a complete Nivea person.

The other company IBM is considered the grandfather of computing.  Go here to see the wonderful site of IBM chronicling the 100 years of its history.  Some of the best innovations that have come out from the company, the website is a must read.

Laptops, PCs, Mainframes, Supercomputers, Messaging software, Webservers, Artificial Intelligence, Routing, Switching, Backend…you name it, IBM does it.

For many people believe that IBM is a pure IT company.  Not true. go to this website to read about the super work it does in the field of Biotechnology, Medicine, Space, Sports, Chemistry, Mathematics etc.

I started off my career working on IBM software, Lotus etc.  After having worked on competing products, you have to admit that there is something about the things that IBM makes that make them tick.  Afterall, to clock $100 billion revenues per year is no small feat.  At a time when companies with barely any revenue are quoted at 100 odd P/E on the stock markets, IBM’s stock is at a rock solid US$ 170 with a P/E ratio of about 14.

Here’s wishing many more decades of success for both companies.


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  1. B K CHOWLA says:

    Brand building is a very serious exrecise.

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