The First Few Days

Is already 5 days into the new year.  Time flies.  Life’s the same.  Nothing much changes.  Inspite of that, we see people flocking to different year end parties everywhere.  Counting down to the new year, binge drinking, puking on the streets, shouting till their voices go hoarse.  Not to mention the millions of dollars that go up in smoke in the form of fireworks.

Only to wake up on the first day of the new year to see that the sun rose from the east exactly like the previous year, the home mortgage is the same, so is the car loan, the wife/girlfriend/husband/parents still nag and the job sucks the same just like the previous year.

Then comes the resolutions, which are buried under the innumerable other pressures and work related tensions that dragged on from the previous year.  Soon they are forgotten. The urge to go to the gym, to eat responsibly, to quit smoking / drinking, to have a healthy lifestyle etc goes down the drain.

Is it all that bad?  Well, its up to oneself to make the best of each day.  Sometimes the day sucks, sometimes i drag myself out of bed to work.  Most of the time i try to do one positive thing in a day.  That would mean read one good article,  listen to one good song, read about one new topic that i have never read about, google about that one thing that has been on the back of my mind, but never bought myself to read more about, smile and say hello to one new person whom i would have been ignoring all these while.

For me a birthday is just another day, a new year is just another year, Christmas is just another festival.  If you live long enough, you will have as many New Years, Birthdays, Christmases, Valentines Days to enjoy.

If you truly love someone, you dont need to wait till the 14th of February to tell them how much you love them.  Everyday can be a Valentine’s Day if you truly wish to.

Look around and see the one thing that you can do that will put a smile to your face when you go to sleep every night.  That’s what i try to do.  Not that it works everytime.  In fact, it flops most of the time.  If i can do that successfully at least 50 days in a year, i believe its pretty good enough.

I see most of my friends carrying a new Android phone, an iPhone or a new gadget and ask me why i dont get one myself.  I dunno why, but inspite of working in the IT field for more than 13 odd years, i never felt any craze for any new gadgets.  My Samsung phone (dont even remember its model) is already 3 years old, my computer is almost 5 years old, i carry an 8GB Creative Zen mp3 player i bought more than 4 years ago, i dont splurge on clothes, shoes, i hardly eat out in restaurants, i hardly go out for movies.  Still, i lead such a busy life that i hardly find time to do my things.

The urge to spend as much as my friends or colleagues do is not there.  I cant understand the reason why i should replace my phone every 12-15 months.

I dunno why iam this way.  Honestly, i dunno why i wrote this post 😀

Above picture courtesy: Burning Liquid



  1. Being able to find happiness and satisfaction from something that doesn’t need to be bought is a blessing. I too have no obsession with buying new gadgets, I only buy what I actually need.
    Love the idea of doing one good thing a day… I remember once I had decided to learn a new word a day and although the project fizzled out after a while, it was something I enjoyed doing…

  2. B K CHOWLA says:

    It is a matter of attitude and personal feelings/choice

  3. Idlidosa says:

    My husband is the same. Doesn’t care much about Birthdays, Festivals etc etc but I always make it a point to do something. If every day was the same, I’d be depressed. I need to celebrate my b’day, my S’s b’day, Sankranthi, Diwali etc…mostly because those days remind me of home and if I don’t do anything, I’d be really depressed.

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