Lotus Notes is 21

Happy 21st birthday Lotus Notes.  The best ever email, collaboration, IM, workflow application (all bundled in one) has completed 2 decades. No matter what Microsoft tries to rubbish the product, the truth is that Lotus Notes rules.

Its the only product that doesnt need a rip and replace every time a new version hits the market and is an application that supports true backward compatibility.

I run a Lotus Domino 8.5 test server on my 5 years old Windows XP PC with 1.5 GB RAM along with the rest of the applications.  And still my system doesn’t complain.  If it was Microsoft Exchange 2010, heck i cant even install it as my hardware / Operating System is not 64 bit.  I rest my case.

Lotus Notes @ 20


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  1. Very true! We have a number of small business customers which want to upgrade to Exchange 2007 and they are forced to buy a new Server and a new OS to run 64 bit OS.

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