Movies over the Diwali weekend

The Diwali weekend was spent lazing around at home and watching movies.  Caught up on all the ones i had missed.  Inception was really exceptional both concept wise and in the way the director Christopher Nolan shot it.  Was amazed at the way he was able to narrate the movie.

Having read so much about the movie, i thought i would be lost and the movie would be confusing.  But i found it quite engaging and entertaining.  The way the movie races through the different countries, the whole concept of getting into someone’s dreams to steal information or to plant them.  Man, where do they get all these ideas from?  😀


Avatar on the other hand transfixed me visually.  Its stunning.  No other word comes close.  But nothing great actually when it comes to either acting or the script.  Visually the movie is in its own class and will take a long time for any other director to match it.  Now, James Cameron has announced 2 more sequels to the movie in the years ahead.  Looking at all he has done in this one, the expectations are already quite high.


The Expendables was the usual 80s Rambo kinda movies that Stallone was so good at.  Explosions, bodies getting ripped off, the heroes going to the villain’s den and blowing up the whole place, a sexy woman who is rescued by the hero just as she is about to be raped.  Would have loved to see Arnie and Bruce Willis get their hands dirty though.


Machete was similar to the Expendables.  Mindless action with lots of gore attached.  Its rare to see Steven Seagal and Robert de Nero in the same movie. But was fun.  Another mindless action flick.


Having read so much about the financial meltdown in the US and with so much interest in finance & investing, this movie was a must watch for me for quite some time.  The movie did drag a bit, nevertheless i found it engaging.  Now, it has motivated me to go search for the original that released some 20 odd years ago.

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  1. arvind says:

    i have a DVD of machete. Planning to see it today ..
    and yeah .. inception was amazing .. but now when i think about matrix , it is even more mind boggling how those brothers to manage a story like Matrix that too 10 years back ..amazing

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