Diwali Wishes – 2010

Its a nice 3 day weekend for this Diwali.  Here’s wishing all of you and your loved ones a Happy & Prosperous Diwali in advance.

happy diwali

Say no to crackers that cause noise and air pollution.  There are better ways of celebrating the festival with family and friends.

According to Wikipedia

Diwali, popularly known as the “festival of lights,” is a five-day Hindu festival[3] which starts on Dhanteras, celebrated on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna paksha (dark fortnight) of the Hindu calendar month Ashwin and ends on Bhaubeej, celebrated on second lunar day of Shukla paksha (bright fortnight) of the Hindu calendar month Kartik. In the Gregorian calendar, Diwali falls between mid-October and mid-November. Diwali is an official holiday in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Malaysia, Singapore and Fiji.

For Hindus, Diwali is one of the most important festivals of the year and is celebrated in families by performing traditional activities together in their homes. For Jains, Diwali marks the attainment of moksha or nirvana by Mahavira in 527 BC. Arya Samajists, celebrate this day as Death Anniversary of Swami Dayanand Saraswati. They also celebrate this day as Shardiya Nav-Shasyeshti.

diwali crackers

The name “Diwali” or “Divali” is a contraction of “Deepavali”, which translates into “row of lamps”. Diwali involves the lighting of small clay lamps filled with oil to signify the triumph of good over evil. These lamps are kept on during the night and one’s house is cleaned, both done in order to make the goddess Lakshmi feel welcome. Firecrackers are burst because it is believed that it drives away evil spirits. During Diwali, all the celebrants wear new clothes and share sweets and snacks with family members and friends.

The festival starts with Dhanteras on which most Indian business communities begin their financial year. The second day of the festival is called the Naraka Chaturdasi. Amavasya, the third day of Diwali, marks the worship of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. The fourth day of Diwali is known as Kartika Shudda Padyami. The fifth day is referred to as Yama Dvitiya (also called Bhai Dooj), and on this day sisters invite their brothers to their homes.

We are in the final 2 months of the year.  2010 seems to have sped past even before we could realise.  Some bumper performance by the companies pre-Diwali and am sure when the 3rd quarter results are unveiled, there could be even better performance to see.  Not to mention, Obama making his trip to India coinciding with the festival.

Enjoy the holidays and stay safe.

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  1. dinu says:

    happy diwali !

  2. YCR says:

    Happy Diwali to you too….

    Noise-free Diwali is just not Diwali 😉

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