Changes, Updates & Anniversaries

Its been a year since i moved this blog to my own domain.  Didnt realise till the other day when i was searching something about my domain and found that it was to expire in a few days.  That’s when i remembered about a mail i got from Justhost explaining that since i have hosted my blog with them, they will continue to renew my domain name for free.

The past year of hosting has been really wonderful and the guys at Justhost have been a great help. Havent had any downtime of this website.  Touchwood.  On the 24th of this month, i would have completed 6 years of blogging.  When i started, i never realised that i would last so long.  Moving to my own domain has taught me a lot of things about hosting and stuff.  Hope to blog till there are news which will prompt me to comment. And i hope such news never stops.

Meanwhile will start writing more about finance and investing as these are the interests that i plan to pursue further. I started investing in the Indian stock markets in 2005 for fun.  TCS was coming out with its maiden IPO and i applied for it.  That was my first ever investment in equity.  I had been investing in mutual funds before that through Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).  I was allotted 7 shares of TCS for around Rs 850 each.  I sold them off a few months later around Rs 1250. I tasted blood and havent looked back ever since 😀

After reading Equitymaster for a few years, I signed up for their service and till now they have given me superb advice on stocks to pick up.  I have seen few people complaining about the advise provided by Equitymaster, but for me their advice has mostly been positive.  On an average, 8 out of 10 of their recommendations have worked for me.  And i would advise anyone to subscribe to them.  Its surely not cheap, but they have lots of small options that you can subscribe for.  Their reports are comprehensive and constantly updated.

Sometime in future, i plan to write the NCFM exams of the National Stock Exhchange and also get certified as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).  Those are my long term plans.



  1. dinu says:

    congrats on the anniversary 😀 how is ur advertisement revenue here? 😀

  2. Liju Philip says:

    Thanks. The advt revenue sucks. Hardly any money. How abt u?

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