Payback time

Its payback time as the monster spawned, aided and abetted by succesive Pakistani governments, military and the rogue spy agency, ISI is coming to haunt them.


The fire that Pakistan so used to burn India has finally engulfed its own house.  Sad, but there is not much being learnt by Pakistan even when every city of it is being bombed by the monsters they helped create to spread terror in India and Afghanistan.


Has Pakistan learnt anything from this horrific events in the past 10 odd days when close to 300 people have been killed in a wave of violence?  Nothing much seems to have change according to this article.

Times might be tough for the ordinary people of Pakistan, but business has never been better for the traders of Gun Alley. Here, less than 50 miles from British forces in Afghanistan, across lawless terrain deep inside Pakistan’s border, all that an Islamic militant could ever want for jihad is freely available.

In the weapons section of Smuggler’s Bazaar – a medieval market where heroin, fake identities and killers for hire can be found for less than the price of a second-hand car – guns, bombs and suicide belts are also in ready supply.


At this market on the outskirts of the frontier town of Peshawar – a dusty, violent place of narrow alleys and murderous intrigue, within 90 minutes’ drive of the capital Islamabad – the discerning Holy Warrior can choose from AK-47s, mortars, anti-tank missiles and assorted explosives for suicide bombs.

Every item of hardware on sale in these mud-walled shops is in perfect working order. If you want proof, the traders will willingly give you a demonstration of their firepower.

And that’s not all. Terrorists can buy military secrets here, extracted from laptops looted during ambushes on Nato convoys travelling through the treacherous Khyber Pass. Many outline Nato operations against Taliban targets in terrifying detail.

Replicas of Nato military uniforms are also on sale. Over cups of sweet tea, Islamic militants arrive here from all over Pakistan and Afghanistan to buy the means to achieve their barbaric aims.

Pictures source: Boston Globe.  More pictures at the website.



  1. B K CHOWLA says:

    Pak had created a devil to fight India not realising that any devil’s hunger is very deadly.Now the devil wants a share of political space in Pak.
    Pak is in very serious trouble.Do you notice,in the recent past there has not been any statement from Zardari or Gilani.?Where are both of them.?
    Yes,it is time for pay back.

  2. This happens whenever any country/state or leaders create such monsters. Unfortunately those who pay the price are often innocent 😦

  3. Liju Philip says:

    Zardari is busy taking his 10% from the taliban. Gilani is another moron. Hope the devil doesnt take over the country. Its a crap hole and its only gonna get more messier.

  4. Liju Philip says:

    the common man is a straw in the wind. who ever bothered about him/her? its true in every country in the world (both developed and developing)

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