INS Kochi launched

India’s latest addition to the Navy – warship INS Kochi, a Delhi-class destroyer, was inaugurated on Friday. This is the second warship of ‘Project 15-A’, built by Mazgaon Dock Limited.

ins kochi

Naval Chief Admiral Nirmal Kumar Verma on Friday said a serious relook at the inefficiencies of Navy is required and an indigenous warship building system needs to be conceptualised.

Verma said, “Fluctuating funding in the past has compelled the Navy to resort to (warship) building in abroad, but now there is an urgent need to emulate worldwide trends in warship building (in the country).”

The 6,500-tonne INS Kochi, launched by Verma’s wife Madulika, is the second warship in the ‘Project 15-A’ under which three guided-missile destroyers with stealth and multi-role features will be built.

“The destroyer has been launched using pontoon-assisted technique, employed for the first time in the history of indigenous warship building. The technique helps in overcoming slipway constraints which hinder heavier vessel movement into deeper waters for fitting its superstructures such as decks,” chairman and managing director of Mazgaon Dock H S Malhi said.

INS Kochi has advanced stealth features that make it less vulnerable to detection by enemy radar. Its weapons system include nuclear capable supersonic BrahMos surface-to-surface missile.

News source: Indian Express



  1. B K CHOWLA says:

    It is a very important take ,especially when we have neighbours like China and Pak.

  2. To think at one time we were amongst the world’s best ship builders!

  3. Liju Philip says:

    and with China’s starting to show its fangs already, its high time we bucked up

    @Indian Homemaker
    oh ya, our politicians made policies that screwed up the economy royally

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