WTF: Jinnah is a hate figure – RSS

…and what the eff is RSS?   An organisation that has perfected the art of propagating hate against people of other religion?  Its a perfect case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh (RSS) mouthpiece Organiser has slammed Pakistan founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah calling him a hate figure.

The Organiser editorial said that Jinnah was a frustrated, piqued and egoist person and added that he cruelly and constantly insulted Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and other Congress leaders for their correct and nationalist stand of not accepting Muslim League as the sole representative body of the Muslims.

It also said Jinnah was a hate figure like Mohammad Ghori, Mohammad Ghaznavi, Babar and Aurangzeb but is disliked more because his actions are fresh in memory, and millions of victims of his hate campaign are still alive.

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A good article in the Open magazine on why the BJP loves Jinnah so much.

Apart from their senility, I can only think of one explanation; they envy him his achievement. He has created a nation in their image, a nation based on the faith of the majority with no room for diversity. In Pakistan, the BJP finds its ideal.

The truth contrary to what Jaswant Singh says is that Jinnah has not been demonised enough. There is a strange complicity between men such as Jaswant Singh and a certain stream of liberal Indian thought that continues to argue that Nehru should have accommodated Jinnah’s ambition and prevented the Partition. It is a strange and baffling argument given all we know about Jinnah. By the perverse logic of that argument, we should reach out to Narendra Modi and offer him the post of PM to end the divisiveness that plagues us today. The BJP’s real problem is that they cannot lay claim to the Freedom Movement, nor are Gandhi and Nehru figures they can come to terms with. Under the circumstances, the best they can do is to devalue them. And what better way to achieve this than to compare them unfavourably with Jinnah?

The author exactly nails the point.  No matter what BJP says, its never believed in the secular fabric of India.  It simply cannot reconcile to the fact that Indians believe in different religions yet they are proud to be Indians.  The fact that our founding fathers believed in the right of every religion to be followed.  BJP  loves Jinnah so much simply because they see in Jinnah a person who managed to get a country all for himself based on Islam.  But inspite of their hate politics, the Indian public doesnt fall for their tactics.

There is nothing more comical than seeing the chaddi gang pressing the self-destruct button.  Fearing the worst that Arun Shourie might spill some more beans of the fakeness of the fake iron man of India, LK Advani,  the BJP has just asked Shourie to explain what he meant in his outburst the other day.

The BJP was full of morons was already known.  The fact that they dont understand english has just been confirmed.  Jaswant Singh has been daily dropping one bomb after another on how Advani knew of the terrorist exchange in Kandahar, but lied in his book that he was kept in the dark.  How he kept quiet when the butcher of Gujarat, Narendra Modi let his dogs free on innocent civilians and more.

Am waiting to read more fun from the stables of the chaddi gang in time to come.


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    There is a saying” It is the winning side which lives to write history>”

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