Nandan Nilekani joins govt’s UIN project

Finally a tried and tested person at the helm of such a prestigious project.  Hope he gets the time and space to deliver and is not hounded by petty minded politicians.

nandan nilekani

Nandan Nilekani resigned as Co-Chairman of Infosys Technologies and its board on Thursday, following his appointment as Chairman of an IT-driven Government program for providing unique identification numbers to citizens of the country.

“The Board of Directors at Infosys has already accepted Nilekani’s resignation. The resignation would be effective from July 9, 2009,” said the company.

Nilekani will take charge as Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India with the rank of Cabinet Minister.

As co-founder of India’s second-largest software exporting firm, Nilekani served as director on the Infosys board since its inception in 1981.

Between March 2002 and June 2007, he served as the company’s chief executive officer and managing director. He was later re-designated as Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“We are glad that an extraordinary individual like Nandan has got an opportunity to add value to India through this position. As a company that has always put the interest of society ahead of itself, Infosys will accept his absence with a sense of duty to a larger cause,” Infosys Chairman and Mentor N R Narayana Murthy said.

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  1. Harsh says:

    Allotting Unique Identification numbers to every one sounds a great idea … hope it is implemented sooner than later !!!

  2. Liju Philip says:

    @Harsh, its a long time coming. As a citizen of India, we have hardly anything to prove it. A national ID has been long in the making. Also it will help us in cutting down illegal migration and at the same time it would be easy for the govt to manage its subsidies and poverty alleviation programs.

  3. Amit Gupta says:

    Hope it also helps to prevent terrorist to get fake documents.

  4. B K CHOWLA says:

    For once I will say Govt has taken a practicle,and a decision in national interest.My compliments to the Govt for statrting work on UIN and that the set up is being headed by the most respected man in the industry.Such people will make the difference.I hope Govt will find some more professionals like him.For once we may not see a minister surronded by commandos as a status symbol.

  5. anjugandhi says:

    thanx for your valuable comments on my blog. Lets hope that this commendable step by Government gets success and doesnt fall prey to red tapism and corruption

  6. dinu says:

    dont know why, but I feel so glad about this decision

  7. Sagar Mali says:

    It’s very deliberating project,it changes the lives of the man & drawn virus files from system.BEST LUCK.

  8. Sardar Singh says:

    How exactly does providing a UIN to every citizen help? makes you feel good, yeah? well that’s not worth 5 billion US dollars, going by projects attempted elsewhere it could be around 30 billion US dollars.

    If you want a unique ID, get a gmail account. If you want a document to prove you are indian, get a passport. When terrorists can get Indian passports, why bother with UIN? If screws up privacy, is a security nightmare, delivers no goods, and is the perfect black hole for several billions of rupees of taxpayer money.

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