Why BJP still doesnt get it

On one hand, Advani wants youngsters to be promoted in BJP;  and on the other hand he clings on to the leadership position in the party inspite of the humiliating defeat in the recent elections under his leadership.

Veteran Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader L.K. Advani today asserted that the party’s leadership should shed its “train compartment mentality” and evolve a system to encourage young leaders.

Delivering the concluding address to the party’s two-day national executive meeting here, Advani said: “The party has to urgently evolve a system of encouraging younger leaders at all levels.

“But I have heard many young activists tell me that they are not given opportunity to serve the party more effectively,” said Advani, 81.

He lamented: “It is sad that a certain ‘train compartment mentality’ has got developed within the party, which makes those in leadership positions to ignore promising, talented and committed cadres who are standing ‘outside’ and waiting for the door to open.”

He said this had to change and the party must think into the future. Advani said: “We must identify, train, groom and empower third, fourth and fifth generation of leaders in the BJP. Our leadership planning should take into account the party’s needs for the next twenty years.”


After a few days of chintan baithak, the BJP decides that they should follow something called Inclusive Hindutva.  Not sure what it means.  Is BJP accepting that its brand of rabid Hindutva project has failed and its time to find out if people will fall for another game called “Inclusive Hindutva”? If so, what will hate mongers like Varun, Modi, Muthalik and the rest of the chaddi gang do then?

As per this tweeter, Inclusive Hindutva sounds more or less like…

BJP talks about Inclusive Hindutva. Hmm how about Vegetarian Tandoori Chicken?


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  1. B K CHOWLA says:

    Inclusive Hindutva-Soft Hindutva-Hard HIndutva-Hindutva.Right or wrong,Hidutva has been BJP’s ideology.If they decide to trash their ideology,it should be good-bye politics.I do not subscribe to their anti (?) ideology but also do not subscribe to them taking a 360 dg turn.Problem with BJP is…ADVANI-JASWANT SINGH-M M JOSHI-YASHWANT SINHA-RAJNATH SINGH.They all must voluteer to get off the train compartment at the next station.
    BJP is at the moment sick and needs treatment for…Self Esteem-Confidence-Will to allow fresh faces-it does not need medication,it needs open heart surgery,which is like overhauling an old engine.
    The older lot is playing politics with Jaitley and others to remain in power.It is curtain down for the oldies.
    We all criticise Congress about Dynestic politics,well,at least at least there is one leader and no one can even think of chllenging the leadership(we are not in agreement with their style of functioning though).

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