Of Greed and Double Standards

Double Standards

While the Indian government, political leaders and businessmen have no qualms berating Obama for setting up protectionist barriers towards American companies that ship jobs abroad. The same can’t be said about these same Indian politicians who deny the basic education, jobs to people who are not of a certain caste, religion etc. The caste based reservations have caused havoc in the way seats are assigned for professional courses and jobs. Its one place where the Government of India balantly discriminates against its own citizens just because they are born in some other caste. But they will go hammer and tongs at the American government for doing something to protect the jobs for its own citizens.

At least the American government doesnt discriminate against its own people as the Indian government does. In terms of transparency, the Indian economy is ranked 123 in the Economic Freedom World rankings whereas the USA is ranked 6th.  That just goes to show how protectionist the Indian government and its economy is. What then gives the politicians the moral authority to rail against Obama and his team for trying to deny tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas? Obama is elected by Americans. He is responsible for their well being. The Indian politician also claims that the protectionist measure he espouses is for the well being of Indians.  Then why the double standards?

Isnt it time we set our own house in order before throwing stones at others?


A few years ago there used to be 3 airlines that flew between Singapore and Hyderabad.  They were Silkair (a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines), Indian Airlines and Air India.  Both Indian Airlines and Air India merged to become one entity.  As the passenger load factor between the 2 cities increased, the greedy Singapore Airlines (SQ) replaced Silkair with SQ and jacked up prices (from approx SG$ 600 to approx SG$1070).

Mysteriously, Air India also stopped flying between the 2 cities citing rationalising of routes leaving travellers at the mercy of the high priced SQ.  I quit using SQ and stared flying by Tiger Airways to Chennai and took the domestic Kingfisher Airlines.  In spite of the round trip, it saved me more than SG$500 (approx 15,000 rupees) per trip.

sq-silkair-logoAs the recession set in, people started flying less.  It started to tell on the SQ passenger load factor.  They started to fly almost empty.  Slowly SQ reduced its frequency between the 2 cities to just 3 trips a week.  And, now they have announced that once again SQ will be replaced by Silkair and that it will fly between the two cities 5 times a week starting June 15th.

The excessive greed of Singapore Airlines in wanting to make as much money from the paying public with its ridiculous pricing has made sure that it has lost many customers.  I for one, have sworn never to fly SQ again.  I also advise all my friends and relatives to avoid it as much as possible. Not only on this sector, but everywhere. I advise them to fly Thai, Malaysian, Sri Lankan, Emirates, Cathay Pacific….. anything, except SQ.

The only way we, as the paying public can bring all these high flying business establishments who try to screw us with their peak pricing and monopolistic business practices is to hit them where it hurts them the most.  At their pockets.

I did. And am happy to see SQ lose business and now start to fly its low fare subsidiary, Silkair between Singapore and Hyderabad.  Hope at least now SQ will realise that greed does pay in the short run, but over a long period they will only lose business and alienate their customers forever.

Hope this recession teaches all the businesses some valuable lessons.



  1. VKRai says:

    Yr tirade against SQ is strange and can only lead one to assume you don’t run your own business or have a clue as to how to do it.

    Which business will NOT seek to maximise revenue my friend ?

    Have you ever refused a salary hike or a promotion (given becos someone else has departed and you are taking over his responsibilities) ?

    C’mon, get serious.

    Unless of course you are Communist and believe that we all shd be equally miserable or happy.

  2. Chintamreddy says:

    Looks as though what SQ did make the business sense, in line with the economic climates at different times, Liju i’m sure is talking as a consumer, that led me to unerstand clearly only one thing and nothing else, that he is happy to see the low fare subsidary to be back and flying, and that is nothing wrong.

    Your anology of refusing a hike in salary is again wrong to me. I don’t see why one cannot demand more money/perks, in line with the greater/additional reponsibilities assumed by the same OR imposed on him/her in some cases. Liju, in case of SQ, might not have observed the same, which is any greater/better service or flying experience compared to the low fare version. As someone who is ultimately paying for it, consumer will have the final say while the businesses try and woo the customers as much as they could in every possible way.

    Someone who is tryting to speak up for businesses, in my view has failed to see that you cannot build a business based on customer’s dissatifaction and i can clearly see a dissatisfied customer here.

    Recession, though sounds bad, but has to happen to help make the ‘correction’ to the system and in the process help learning lessons for both businesses and consumers alike.

  3. Amit says:

    Well, I think politicians can’t see beyond the votes. If throwing stones at Obama brings them some votes, they will do that.

  4. dinu says:

    Hope this recession teaches all the businesses some valuable lessons.” very true
    in capitalism, no one should take anything for granted, you work hard, fight hard to be what you are, unless, you fail, and when you fail, you fail big time !

  5. What I found most suspicious is the disappearenace of the only Indian flight.
    And we Indians have very obvious double standards no doubt…
    I can feel your justified anger in this well writeen post.

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