Is Saurav Ganguly the Fakeipl Player?

After reading the latest post by the Fakeipl player, Iam  having a suspiction that the blogger could be none other than Saurav Ganguly himself.  A few reasons why i feel the same.


1. He says at the end that he is retiring from all forms of cricket after IPL. He is retired from one dayers and tests and after this year’s humiliation, it seems Saurav has had enough of cricket.

2. At one point of time in the blog he said that he will blog thru his brother as laptops are being banned in hotels and other places. Saurav has a brother Snehashish, a former cricketer i believe. Saurav could have been referring to him.

3. The blog only referred to Saurav as Lordie. Other than sulking, it never had any bad remarks against him. The only two things written consistently about  Saurav was that he was aloof or sulking. This could have been to ensure that  no one could suspect him. He gave himself a reasonably good nickname. Everyone knows Saurav is known as Maharajah. Almighty Lord suits fine.

4. Also the blogger has declared that he will disclose his identity after the last match. No cricketer worth his salt will take this risk. Only Ganguly has nothing to lose. He has enough anger against Shah Rukh Khan for all the humiliation meted to him, and its pretty evident in all his posts. Even in the most current post.

5. There are rumors that Kolkata Knight Riders have dropped Kolkata from their name.  Their spat with the administrators of the Eden Gardens cricket stadium in Kolkata is also well known. At one point, there were rumors that KKR would shift to Cuttak in Orissa and base there.  If that happens, Ganguly will not be a part of their plans anymore.  Not that he is, now.

I could be wrong. The last day of the IPL could really throw up a surprise. It could be SRK himself looking for his 2 cents of publicity.  Meanwhile, we have another reason to see the end of IPL this year 😀



  1. Chittaranjan says:

    Hmm…I dunno abt that 😐

    Firstly, SCG has never been that tech-savvy…so him blogging with this much of a regularity is somewhat surprising. Secondly, he’s not much of a party animal…and there are several clubbing n pubbing incidents in the narration.

    BTW, who’s Boy George & Mangal Pandey? New characters….

    P.S: Noticed the Blog title’s changed to have Deccan Chargers’ Fan Site 😛 The idle crap and the latter sentence doesn’t sound cohesive tho!

  2. Amit says:

    Hmm…if it ever gets revealed, it would be a shock. I am not sure if its Ganguly.

  3. Ottayan says:

    Ah! Yet another blogger intrigued by a fake.:)

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