Criminals in Indian elections – Phase 2


A list of the number of people with criminal records in the current elections.  No matter all the rhetoric about cleaner candidates and elections, this poll has also fallen prey to people with shady characters.

Congress is the worst with 40 criminals out of 112 which means that a third of the candidates from India’s grand old party has a criminal record.  Its biggest competitor, BJP is not far behind with 27 of the 105 candidates with criminal records.  Mind you, these are only the candidates for the 2nd phase of elections. It just gives you an idea of how many are standing for elections in the other 4 phases.

If only, the voting public would see through the dirty games of the political parties and avoid them.  But then, with the kind of morons that make up our voting public, i wont be surprised to see most of these criminals in power soon.

Above graphic courtesy: Rediff



  1. B K CHOWLA says:

    As long as law permits criminals to contest elections .all these arguments become invalid.e.g.Do you think Pappu Yadav’s name is in this list?could not be as his wife is a candidate?So long as these criminals are the ones who make the laws for us,thisnonsense will remain.So .there has to be public pressure,opinion building and party’s own decision not to field criminals.

  2. Amit says:

    So there is no party without a criminal in it. That’s encouraging!

  3. Ottayan says:

    Glad to know that all political parties practice ‘equality before the law’.

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