The joke that is Varun Gandhi

After claiming that the CD was doctored and still being booked by a ruthless Mayawati under National Security Act (NSA)  who would go to any extent to clamp down on any opposition to her on her turf.  Varun Gandhi’s another lie has been nailed.

This time, the London School of Economics (LSE) has confirmed that Varun Gandhi has never studied there contradicting Varun’s assertion in the court.

Now, the fun begins when the court will try Varun for perjury.  Varun should have had indicated that he was a student of the chaddi gang shakha in Pilibhit rather than LSE.  That would have sounded more convincing 😛

More fun elsewhere as Samajwadi Party’s candidate, Sanjay Dutt has been denied permission by the Supreme court to stand in the elections. Hahahaha.

Read this article for the irony of the Varun Gandhi case.



  1. Imran khan says:

    yes varun gandhi has made joke of him self He should not give these kind of speech. He belongs to Nehru gandhi family.

  2. Varun Gandhi neither looks nor speaks like an LSE product.

  3. Indyeah says:

    Varun Gandhi is an idiot!makes me furious

  4. Varunavi says:

    How stupid of him to claim that he is LSE product….
    He is going on his dad’s path…

  5. Chirag Chamoli says:

    Listening to him, he doesn’t come across as a educated man!

  6. dinu says:

    he is the star of tomorrow .. !

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  8. Amit says:

    When I heard that speech for the first time, for a second, I thought that he was some Thakarey sidekick having his 15 seconds of fame!

  9. Ajit says:

    I like the way u write so I given ur blog name for the contest.

  10. Ajit says:

    I like ur style of wriiting. U r really good. So i had given ur blog name for the contest

  11. B K CHOWLA says:

    I don’t support what Varun has said..the famous hate speech.But,why should we have double standards.Lallu has made a hate speech today,he says,if he was the Home Minister he would have crushed Varun under a bull-dozer.Is that acceptable to you?Will the EC now give a suggestion to the RJD that should not give ticket to Lallu?Will they arrest Lallu under NSA?Let us not look at Varun in isolation.

  12. Liju Philip says:

    @Chowla, its surely unacceptable. Lalu should also be locked up and a proper trial done for him. The other day a Congress minister in AP also said something of this effect. Even he should be arrested and tried.

    But then, who’se going to arrest them? We have a toothless judiciary and policing system that is more busy catching boys and girls walking hand in hand than hate mongers and mass murderers like Lalu, Modi, Advani, Tytler, Thuggeray etc.

    Varun was screwed because he had upset the Mayawati applecart. Ask Mulayam and Amar Singh and you will realise what happens when you cross Mayawati’s path. If Varun had said the same things in Gujarat, he would never have been arrested cos the people of Gujarat already have a mass murderer called Modi as their CM. Their CM is not only used to hate speech, but also proved to lord over mass murder. So, am not surprised that nothing will happen to Lalu as he said these words in his own backyard of Bihar.

    The same BJP which demanded revoking of Varun’s arrest today wants Lalu to be arrested. The same Congress which demanded arrest of Varun is accused of spreading hate by one of its minister in AP.

    Its just double standards by all parties. We are just being taken for a ride. Simple. For a politician it doesnt matter if you are a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist or any other religion. If killing you can mean more votes, the politician will exterminate you next.

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