Its been a while

The new year has not been off to a great start, at least blogging wise for me.  For some strange reason, iam not even checking my blog, visiting any other blogs or even commenting on them. Contrary to the economic conditions worldwide, am swamped with work.  On my way back home, am so tired that i hardly can open a book and read.

The songs in my Creative Zen play in my head as i doze off.  Fortunately, i haven’t missed out on my bus stop.  Eitherway, the bus interchange is quite close to my home and even if i don’t wake up, the driver will kick me out once the bus reaches the interchange.

Before i could realise, the 4 day weekend passed by.  Did nothing constructive. Just lazed around at home and watched 6 movies.  Some of them i have updated at the Movies page.

I have almost stopped reading the newspapers thoroughly.  With layoffs to the emergence of Talibans in Mangalore, the Thuggerays in Bombay to the incessant coverage of Manmohan Singh’s health conditions, its getting routine and boring.  With so much of bad news around, i hardly need any more in the papers to feel more glum.  So, i have made it a point to no longer read any news in detail that sounds negative.

The only positive thing that happened is that South Africa beat the hell out of the Aussies both in the test and one-dayers.  Pricky Ricky Ponting’s face was well worth watching during the match.  Everything that he is laying his hands on is turning into cow dung.  Looks like Australia committed the same mistakes that West Indies did in the 90s after a superb 80s.  By not managing to get effective players to replace the likes of Waugh brothers, Taylor, Warne, McGrath, Slater, Hayden etc the Aus team is now in a serious rut.

Warner and Shaun Marsh are great prospects, but Aus doesnt have a bowling lineup that can bowl out an opposition twice in a test match.  In McGrath and Warne they had 2 of the most lethal and consistent bowlers.  Of course such players are born only once in a generation, but for sure there has been no good nurturing of the kids to replace the giants.

Compared to them, i believe the Indian team has done a better transition.  With Kumble and Ganguly gone and with Dravid almost out, India has lost a majority of the Fab 5 that it boasted of.  The one day team has no one from the Fab 5 except Sachin Tendulkar and unlike the past when we switched off the TV when Sachin got out, today hardly anyone blinks.

From the boring domination of the Aussies at the beginning of this decade to a much more rounded competition (South Africa, India and Australia), i believe we could be looking at much better matches ahead.

Also once Muralitharan and Jayasuriya hang their gloves, Sri Lanka would also be on their way down.

So, what have i been doing in the past 2 months ever since the markets crashed and the economic gloom all around? Invest in the stock markets of course.  Some of the best companies are available at dirt cheap prices or at the lowest ever prices in their lifetime.  I know of a lot of people who are staying away and waiting for the markets to stabilize (am not sure what that means), but am buying.

I have started buying small amounts in L&T even though am not really appreciative of the L&T management trying its luck in the Satyam muck.  I have also started buying into Tata Motors.  Also have averaged out my investments in Reliance Communications, Punj Lloyd, Suzlon & Praj Industries.

Disclaimer:  I would like to hereby declare that all the investments that i write in my posts are not to be taken as an advice.  Iam not responsible for any losses that you might make by following  what i have mentioned in this blog. Please approach a Certified Financial Advisor for more info or do your own research before investing.



  1. Quirky Indian says:

    Think you should come back and blog actively…even if the news, as you say, is largely negative.

    Quirky Indian

  2. varunavi says:

    welcome back

  3. Otto Mann says:

    Whether you like it or not, I’m gonna take your entries as investment advice!

    and you can’t stop me!


  4. I think you are confused your blog are totally confusing . Please If you want to write a blog please first assure what you want to write .

  5. Liju Philip says:

    @QI, oh ya even if i turn my face away, the problems are not going to go away.

    @Sarita, thanks

    @Otto Mann, well i made my declaration, now iam not responsible 😉

  6. Manpreet says:

    the disclaimer was good,
    but someone did leave a nasty comment after that too.
    But I still value ur opinion.

  7. Liju Philip says:

    @Manpreet, the net is full of trolls, cant help it 😉

  8. Amit says:

    Some people find it so hard to understand a random post! 🙂
    Welcome back and yes, I think its a good time to invest if you are considering long term investments.

  9. dinu says:

    I am really interested in stocks and stuff .. hmm ok, not unusal, I am an Economics graduate, 🙂 but, investing is not in my plans now… but, some day, I will .. and I will need your help 🙂

  10. Liju Philip says:

    @Dinu, start investing as early as possible. The younger you invest, the bigger will be the pot of gold.

  11. Lofat48 says:

    What to you know about THPW.ob USA and the alleged JV with Punj LLoyd

    Thanks enjoy reading your stuff

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