What next Ricky?


After blaming sight screens and third world conditions for losing in India, who is Ricky Ponting going to blame for the second successive loss to South Africa in the 3 match test series? In fact, Ricky’s complaints about the conditions in India prompted Matthew Hayden give out gyaan on the difference between a third and first world country.

Matthew Hayden for sure looks finished.  This could probably be his last series for Australia.  With Symonds, Bret Lee and Shane Watson injured, it surely looks like a 3-0 whitewash for South Africa.

Is the Australian era in cricket over? Have other countries have finally found chinks in the Aussie armour?  Or is Australia going to strike back like a wounded tiger?  Only time has answer to all the questions.  Meanwhile, lets savour the latest victory over Australia 🙂

Above picture source: Cricinfo



  1. shaaakspsyco says:


  2. soham says:

    Ahaaaaa !!

    Could not be happy more ever in my entire life !! ..

    Series lost in Australia by Australia is a phenomenal sight and grand memories to cherish lifetime !! ..

    Good going South Africa !!

  3. Ottayan says:

    I think Ricky is finished as a Captain.

  4. saritha says:

    Rightly said Matthew Hayden is finished.They are few more who are finished eg.Lee,etc….

  5. LOL, Cricket and Indians!!!


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