Its 6-0 against the English

Five one dayers which India won 5-0 and now the Test match win at Chennai.  Dhoni and boys are on a roll.  Am sure Pietersen must be scratching his head wondering how to stop this Indian team.  Meanwhile, let’s enjaaiiiiiii.



Above pictures courtesy: Cricinfo



  1. Chintam says:

    I would say, it is one of those things as it is hard to get it right in Pietersen’s position (a) declared early – may not be this time as there was only one wicket in hand but who knows! I also heard in some quarters that he should have gone for declaration earlier than that – who are proved completely wrong. (b) Scoring at a faster rate or not! But who wants to lose from that position trying to score fast and lose wickets. (c) Understanding last day’s pitch condition – Not sure whether they read it right to decide which way to go in terms of (a) and (b) OR it should have deservedly ended in a draw.

    Think, Pietersen just about get it right. It is Sehwag’s explosive start and their chosen sensible batting style on the last day (esp. Yuvraj!) that denied English the win. I’m sure their bowelrs too would have tried everything they could.
    Thouroughly enjoyed it though!

  2. Chintam says:

    Just to share another great Indian(Yuki Bhambri) success in Junior Tennis at only 16 yrs of age at the prestigious orange bowl tournament – please read on!

  3. amreekandesi says:

    This win is amazing after how this test started…guess nothing is working for the english team on this tour!

    A complete whitewash over the remaining matches would be sweet!

  4. Manpreet says:

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  5. LOL! I pity the English. They should never have come back after they had a chance to wriggle themselves out of this humiliating tour.

  6. Liju Philip says:

    @Chintam, the Sehwag blast set the tone. Or else we would have taken an entirely defensive tone like the one the English team used and surely drew or lost the match. England also were guilty of playing very slow and cautious. Or maybe even if they hit out, they wouldnt have piled up more than 300.

    Btw, thanks for sharing the info on Yuki Bhambri. Good to see many more kids achieving in top flight.

    @Amreekandesi, Amen to your wish 🙂

    @Manpreet ji, thank you ji for your award. I have posted on your blog.

    @Krishna, really pity the English. With the Indian team in such a terrific form, they would have loved to stay back home.

  7. tarun goel says:

    Long Live Sachin Tendulkar

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