Is Joker the terrorist of our times?

Vir Sanghvi makes a chilling comparison between the Joker (villain in the movie Batman) and the terrorists who attacked Mumbai last month.


Consider the plot of that film. Gotham City is gripped by a wave of terror. The motive of the criminal does not appear to be money—in one memorable scene, the Joker sets fire to a mountain of cash—and there are no demands made of the authorities. The villain causes mayhem and murder simply because he can.
Nor do the usual methods work. When the Joker is arrested, the police leave him alone in a room with Batman who beats him up to find out what his plans are. But no amount of violence—even from as powerful a figure as Batman—makes any difference. The Joker is past the stage where he cares about pain.
In that sense, the Joker is the crime fighter’s ultimate nightmare: a villain with no wants or desires, with no agendas and no obvious weaknesses. He kills because he likes it. He keeps Batman alive because he enjoys the battle.
Now, consider the situation we found ourselves in during the siege of Mumbai. We had nothing to negotiate with the terrorists. They did not care about money and they had no political demands. We could not engage them in conversation, listen to their demands and then slowly whittle them down as hostage negotiators usually do.

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  1. Chirag says:

    Actually no, the Joker was not a terrorist he was a man who enabled chaos, we didn’t intend the violence ever he gave choice to people. The terrorist in todays’ time is Batman and Police who have submerged so much into the powers and status quo that any disruption threatens their existence.

    The villain did not causes mayhem and murder simply because he can, he did so to convey a simple point that money doesn’t matter to him .

    As joker him self said is was “Way ahead of the herd”.

    PL. don’t get me wrong. I mean no offense. this just my $0.02

  2. Liju Philip says:

    True, Joker had nothing but contempt for the fellow anarchists too. In fact, he does have a very great opinion of himself. Our system today is a perfect breeding place for such jokers.

  3. shaaakspsyco says:

    Shaaaks! We need a superhero.. more like.. Giant Robot.. to destroy every moving object in Pakistan

  4. Liju Philip says:

    Or even a drone like the ones the Americans use to take out Osama and his band of gay brothers.

  5. Quirky Indian says:

    But Vir Sanghvi has asked an important question: how do you tackle fanatics who believe in nothing more than killing and destruction? No demands, no ransom. Just killing. What does one do?


    Quirky Indian

  6. Liju Philip says:

    @QI, kill them at the first instance you get. There is no other choice, rite?

  7. mithe says:

    Well you are right here Liju that the terrorist should be rooted out.Quite an interesting read! I think these comparisons are not at all unfounded..I liked your new template by the way:)

  8. Liju Philip says:

    @Mithe, the US seriously needs to rein in the rogue Paki intelligence agency ISI. Its the biggest terrorist network and organiser int he world today.

  9. Amit says:

    Well, Joker was just having fun. He was the creator of chaos. But the Pakistani terrorists have motives. They are not doing it for fun.
    I guess, there is a small difference.

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