Heads roll at Chelsea – Avram Grant sacked

Heads have started rolling at Chelsea after what the owner, Roman Abramovich might consider to be a disappointing season. This is how Chelsea performed in the season

Carling Cup – Runners up
Premiership – Runners up
Champions league – Runners up

For any other team, this would be a pretty good season. But then, teams like Chelsea thrive on getting silverware. If you cant get them, be prepared to be sacked. Anyway, Grant was never known for his tactics and was overtly defensive sometimes considering the fact that Jose Mourinho was sacked for precisely that reason. At least Mouinho grinded out results and made sure that the team won 6 cups during his 3 year reign at Stamford Bridge.

So, who’se the next sacrifical lamb? Popular names include Guus Hiddink (currently coaching the Russian team) or Frank Rijkaard (the sacked coach of Barcelona). Whoever comes in will have his task cut out. There are no half measures at Chelsea and he will have to hit the ground running on day one.

But surprise, surprise, according to these reports on Soccernet, Jose Mourinho might be back too. Jose Mourinho is almost worshipped at Chelsea. Iam not expecting miracles, but then, the return of the “Special One” back to the English Premier League would rile the old foxes Ferguson, Benitez and Wenger. That’s what i would love to see. No one gets under the skin of the opposition like Jose can.

Like they say, “Never say never”.



  1. Sachin says:

    it will be a major boost if Mourinho comes back…….. 🙂 but then there are other issues like drogba wants to go ?? Cech isn’t happy with the salary he is getting and wants to renegotiate ?? i guess it will be a huge loss if he (Drogba) goes

  2. sarkywoman says:

    I will be glad if jose comes back. Am looking forward to it.

  3. Liju Philip says:

    @Sachin, if Mourinho doesnt come in, maybe there will be an exodus. If Jose joins AC Milan as is being rumored, then Drogba might follow him there. Cech is a wonderful goalkeeper and am sure, they will break the bank to keep him there.

    @Saagarika, yup i wish too 🙂

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