Gilly guides Deccan Chargers to 2nd win

Some sense has dawned on the Deccan Chargers and Gilchrist has been made the captain. Of course, the real reason is that Laxman is injured, but then its better that even if Laxman is playing, he should never be the captain. He cant even guarantee his place in a 50 over game, forget a T20 match.

Finally Deccan Chargers have registered their 2nd win. Hope they can maintain the tempo. 7 more matches to go and DC has to make sure that they win all the remaining games and hope that the opposition makes mistakes so that they can move into the semi finals.

The most heartening aspect of the DC games have been the consistency of Rohit Sharma. He is indeed the find of the tournament. Gibbs, Afridi and Styris desperately need to fire, now that most of the Australian, Kiwis and West Indians have gone back for national duty. This is the right time to go in for the kill and pick up the wins. And please, can someone kick out that bugger called Arjun Yadav from the team. A bloody parasite who is in the team just because his father Shivlal Yadav is the head of the Hyderabad Cricket Board. Cant bat, cant bowl, cant field. Like father, like son. Morons.

Go Chargers Go



  1. Sachin says:

    it will be an achievement sorts for Deccan even if they manage to make it to upper half πŸ˜›

  2. Sachin says:

    it will be an achievement sorts for Deccan even if they manage to make it to upper half πŸ˜›

  3. Amit says:

    I was hoping for Chennai to win. Nevermind. 😐 But its good for Deccan. They need to win some matches to move up a little bit.

  4. Liju Philip says:

    @Sachin, wait till we make it to the upper half. If not, we will gift you Laxman free of cost πŸ˜‰

    @Amit, ya its time DC bucked up.

  5. Chintam says:

    DC being at the bottom of the points table, things only can get better for them. Rohit was indeed good even in the 20-20 world cup. Laxman was getting better and better has been my observation. Yes, Gibbs firing could make huge difference to the team’s winning.

  6. Sachin says:

    for god sake Nooooooooooooo…….. πŸ˜‰
    why dont u give gilly ……… πŸ˜›

  7. idlidosa says:

    i expected DC to do much better in the T20 tournament…what with the likes of gilly, symonds and afridi…. 😦

    btw, ny idea why symonds was not in the team for the previous match?

  8. Liju Philip says:

    @Chintam, yup Rohit did well in the T20 world cup too. Laxman might be hitting at 120-130 strike rate, but he is a liability on the field. No to count, his captaincy is simply pathetic.

    @Sachin, no way will we give gilly, gibbs, symonds, afridi. You can even take Arjun Yadav if you want…hahaha

    @Ramya, Symonds went back home to serve his country. Aus is playing Windies soon.

  9. Chintam says:

    don’t mean to say ‘firing Gibbs’:-), but hiring him with a hope that he fires with his bat(along with the rest) would help DC winning… and yes they may very well hope to go onto the next stage especially when the teams above it, though started well but failing at the moment?(Chennai, Kolkatta etc..)

  10. Roop Rai says:

    umm your skyscraper post didn’t let me comment :/

  11. Liju Philip says:

    @Chintam, Ya, with Chennai and Kolkatta losing a few matches, hope DC can catch up fast.

    @Roop, i checked it up…doesnt seem like a problem. Why dont you try commenting on that post again.

  12. chintam says:

    Just realized teams above DC failing would as much ‘not help’ DC as it would ‘help’, as teams below DC also can catch up. I think they are a very good team with lot of potential, who can do well on their own merit rather than relying on others failing πŸ™‚

  13. Ger says:

    Did you read The Times of India article about the issue? You must bcseuae the writer was a witness and has mentioned ‘inside stuff’. The tax levied on the Ferrari was 100%; Sachin had to pay crores to get the car inside India that was considered a gift and an honour to him. He didn’t want to pay for the gift. The government intervened and canceled all taxes and agreed that the car was a gift. This part of the story came out late and not many read it. Of course, you may argue if Sachin deserved such a gift but it was a government decision.Sachin has walked out without waiting for the umpire’s decision on most occasions. When he hasn’t, people have remembered the occasions. As for records, Ponting may break them all. But Gavaskar, Lara, Sachin and other will remain better batsmen.As for winning matches for India. No comments. Of course, you can snub me by saying I am one of those cricket ‘fanatics’. πŸ™‚

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