New Hyderabad Airport pix

Some pictures of the new Hyderabad airport from the airport’s website.

One of the world’s largest cargo planes, the Antonov at the new Hyderabad airport

Hard Rock Cafe

Plaza Premium Lounge

Coffee Bean


Indian Paradise Food Court

International Arrival Baggage Carousel

Duty Free Shopping

Duty Free Shopping

The first commercial flight “Lufthansa” at the new Hyderabad airport.



  1. Amit says:

    India is sure going places. Wish we could renovate the people too. 😆

  2. lazybug says:

    Nice pics.

    @Amit: That’s a profound thought. Considering that you are from the same country that built the airport, would you want yourself to be renovated to?

  3. Amit says:

    @Lazybug : Sure why not. If I have something which needs a renovation, then I would be too happy to go ahead with it. 🙂

  4. Liju Philip says:

    @Amit, its to do with the initial novelty factor. Once we start to have more and more of such state of the art infrastructure in place, people’s mindset will also change for the better. I believe.

  5. idlidosa says:

    Lovely pics philip…cant wait to land there now!

    I agree with amit 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    @Amit: If you can find faults with a whole nation, I am quite sure you can find a few with yourself too. Go ahead. Get renovated.

  7. Lazybug says:

    err…that’s me up there, please correct it, Liju. 🙂

  8. Gorgeous! Pune Airport looks like a country cousin in comparison 🙂

  9. Liju Philip says:

    @Ramya, the airport’s cool. Make a trip back home just to see the airport 😉

    @Akhil, i cant seem to change the anonymous to your name. Lemme check again.

    @Homemaker, indeed gorgeous airport. Yup, saw the tag. Will try to do it 😉

  10. Amit says:

    @Lazybug : Yes, thankyou so much. I am always in the process of renovating myself. Atleast I understand that its important.
    And I certainly don’t see India with rose-tinted glasses. For eg, spitting at road is a bad habit and Indians need to “renovate” themselves in this aspect. I have seen a lady spitting inside a Delhi Metro train, if you would believe that. There are so many other aspects too where we need to renovate ourselves instead of taking offence when someone points them out.
    Its not about finding faults. You don’t need to find “such” faults. They are there, staring right at your face.

  11. lazybug says:

    @Amit: And just how bad is mouthing the people of a country–that too totally out of context–going to help in ‘renovating’ the habits of a people? Everyone knows what the problems with India are. You mentioned a couple of them, I’ve read books full of them, and can create blog full of posts cursing the bad habits of Indians. But what on earth is going to change by doing that?
    The ‘renovation’ that you are talking about is called growing up. Any one would do that. If you really want to renovate the nation then you can star with yourself. And the first thing you can remove from your system is the habit of cursing your nation in public.

  12. Amit says:

    @Lazybug : I guess there is no point arguing with you. There is a difference between “cursing” and “pointing out something”. But I don’t think you are going to get it.
    Its great that you have read loads of books about the problems with India. And believe me “anyone would not renovate oneself” so easily. Old habits die hard. And have we really grown up? I don’t think so. If I find something wrong in my Nation, then what is so bad in “pointing” out it in public??? Don’t people of other nations do that???
    And as I have already told you, I am constantly renovating myself. Thank you very much for your concern. Maybe you need to renovate yourself too by not being so pessimistic and by not twisting everything out of context.

  13. lazybug says:

    Wow. I missed your reply, Amit. Sorry about that. That’s right. I am sick of people pointing out mistakes with my nation in public. This in spite of the fact that they are well known. Freedom of speech can be used in various ways. This is how you chose to use it. And trust me, no one can tolerate it if someone generalises the misgivings of a few into the misgivings of a whole nation. Doesn’t matter where you live. And while I am talking about looking at the positives in the country, you decide to point at the mistakes and worse, laugh at them. And you’re calling me pessimistic? Go get a life.

  14. Amit says:

    I think we can go on like that for the rest of our lives, but seriously I don’t think this argument is worth it. I have many better things to do. Time is something very important to me and I can’t waste it anymore here. I have already been provoked enough by your comments but I refuse to indulge in this anymore.
    You win. Puff your chest. End of discussion. Please don’t expect anymore comments from me here. No hard feelings.

  15. Liju Philip says:

    @Amit & Akhil, chill yaar.

  16. Lazybug says:

    @Amit: Oh come on. You can’t just chicken out like that man. Anyway, all the very best to you. Keep that pointer busy.

    @Liju: 😉 :p

  17. mirza ashraf baig says:

    its so nice to look new face of India developing Iwish all best , I Won t our Leaders must learn lots to change

  18. Habil says:

    i have the honor to send you my best regards.

    Dear Administrator, I am very happy this delightfull progress and i hope you assit me because I am very poor.

  19. Anonymous says:

    If only they picked courtyard tiles that wouldn’t slip when wet from the monsoon… or maybe thought of drainage…

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