Deccan Chargers unofficial fan site

This blog is now the ‘unofficial’ fan site of Hyderabad based Indian Premier League (IPL) team, The Deccan Chargers. You may see the banner of the site for confirmation 😉 With a team that consists of players like Andrew Symonds, Herschelle Gibbs, Scott Styris, Adam Gilchrist, VVS Laxman, Shahid Afridi, i should be crazy not to be excited enough.

When it rains, it pours good news. Ram Gopal Varma is back with his new movie ‘Sarkar Raj’ after the disastrous ‘RGV ki AAG’. The teaser looks slick and am waiting.



  1. dinsan says:

    heard that all the gates of Blore stadium named after liquor brands

  2. kipet says:

    the “sarkar raj”-teaser looks terrific! cannot await to see the film!

  3. lazybug says:

    Deccan chargers sure look good to give all the other teams a tough fight.

    At the end of the trailer, it said Balaji Films. I hope Kekda Kaput did not interfere too much with it.

  4. Liju Philip says:

    @Dinsan, oh really? that’s news. KF Gate, RC Gate…hahaha…that’s good

    @Kipet, yup same sentiments here. Cant wait to see an RGV movie.

    @Akhil, on paper the Deccan team looks the best. But then, stranger things have happened on the cricket field.
    Looks like Balaji got the distribution rights for Sarkar Raj. Hope they wont turn the movie into another Saas – Bahu serial. 😉

  5. I am confused. I am originally from Andhra Pradesh, but I have was born and brought up in Pune, Maharashtra (I still live there).

    So the dilemma is: Mumbai or Hyderabad? Whom to support? I hope to resolve this issue within a day or two 😀

  6. Liju Philip says:

    @Krishna, keep your legs on both the boats till both teams clash, then you can toss the coin and select your favourite 😉

  7. Gopal says:

    Join the club!

  8. Amit says:

    Well, I guess I’ll support the Delhi team. 🙂 Going to see a match on 2nd, hope its worth the heat. 🙂

  9. Chittaranjan says:

    Wierd name that – Chargers 😐 But I guess the when-in-Rome-do–as-Romans-do rule applies here…

    Go Chargers Go! 😛

  10. Liju Philip says:

    @Gopal, thanks. will do.

    @Amit, lucky you. The Delhi team is pretty good too. Perfect launch pad for Sehwag to show his stuff.

    @Chittaranjan, the names have been pretty lame. Also the intro video of Deccan Chargers is lousy. Anyway, i rather have the fireworks on the ground.

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