Western World’s Globalisation double standards

Shashi Tharoor @ Fortune Global Forum

Am unable to embed the video here. Click on the above link (opens in another window) to see Shashi Tharoor go hammer and tongs at West’s selective amnesia when it comes to Globalisation and developing countries at the Fortune Global Forum held at New Delhi.

Superb. He would have made a superior Secretary General of the United Nations than the current Ban Ki Moon.



  1. idlidosa says:

    Fab video! I think Shashi Tharoor ripped the American ‘Pseudo-globalisationalists’ apart! High time someone voiced the opinion of many Indians.

  2. JB says:

    He makes some very good points. The only thing that allows the US and Europe to produce agriculture, is the level of subsidies. For example, cotton subsidies in the US is greater than the value of the crop it produces. This makes no economic sense and is anti-competitive behaviour.

    Power is gradually shifting and it will continue. The US attitude of “My way or the Highway” will soften over time. However nothing can reverse what has happened.

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