Johnny Gaddaar


I simply cant believe this. Neither has Johnny Gaddaar nor Manorama-Six feet under released in Singapore. Honestly, Adlabs sucks big time.

Anil Ambani, i dont know how your business arrangement with Adlabs works, but honestly you need to look into the way the companies that you have invested in work. Producing movies are not the only way to go. You need to make sure that they are distributed well and that it reaches the intended masses as soon as possible. To make sure that piracy doesn’t eat into your revenues. Am sure you are not looking into the day to day working of the company and that Manmohan Shetty and his team do the job, but still…

Probably Adlabs and Shemaroo (producers of Manorama) should look at how Yash Raj films market their movies, which are even released in Golden Village here in Singapore. Anil, please go learn some marketing tips from your brother Mukesh at least. Sorry, but Iam really pissed off.