Twin Peaks


The cartoon perfectly sums up the situation in the morning when i take the bus to work. At the same bus stop a girl too takes the same bus as mine. She is very well endowed and as she walks to the bus, the whole gang at the bus stop quit all that they are doing and concentrate on the twin peaks swaying in the wind with gay abandon.

Its not the Pamela Anderson’s football types. These are perfect fit for the girl and in a way for her physical size, her assets stand out. The best is when, she is late and has to run to catch up with the bus. That’s what everyone in the bus stop prays for when they leave home.

The best are the middle aged men. The ones in the late 30s and above. The most lecherous. They can make a woman pregnant just with their looks. Such potent eyes they have. Trust me on this. Education has nothing to do with the way a man percieves a woman. Men are very simple creatures. All they have on their mind, all the time is nothing but Sex. Plain and simple.

Above cartoon courtesy: Cartoon Stock